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Typical Plant Availablity List

Shade Trees



Crimson King Acer  
Fairview Flame Acer  
October Glory Acer  
Sugar Acer saccharum  


Live Oak Quercus virginiana  
White Oak Quercus alba  
Nutall Oak Quercus nutallii  
Willow Oak Quercus phellos  

Other Shade Trees

Lacebark Elm Ulmus  
Princeton Elm Ulmus americana 'Princeton'  
Bald Cypress Taxodium distichum  
River Birch Betula nigra  
Green Vase Zelkova    
Babylonia Weeping Willow    
White Pine    
Japanese Black Pine    
Limber Pine    
Loblolly Pine    
Ginkgo (Maiden Hair) Ginkgo biloba  

Typical Plant Pricing


0.5" caliper $25.00
1.0" caliper  
1.5" caliper $95.00 - $125.00
2.0" caliper $195.00 - $225.00
2.5" caliper $250.00
3.0" caliper  
Call for larger sizes  

Shrubs, Ground Covers, & Small Trees

1 gallon pot $6.99
3 gallon pot $16.99
7 gallon pot $49.00 - $59.00
15 gallon pot $95.00 - $125.00
25 gallon pot $125.00
30 gallon pot $195.00 - $250.00
45 gallon pot $195.00
Call for larger sizes  


About Us

Plant Availability

Morris Nursery & Landscapes has one of the most extensive nursery inventories in West Tennessee.

We strive to keep our inventory stocked with a wide selection of popular and interesting plants appropriate for our region.

As extensive as this list is it represents only a fraction of our total inventory. Be sure to call or email us if you don't see a plant listed here that you're looking for.

Have a request for something we don't normally carry? Let us know and we'll get it on the next available shipment.